Why sex?

During sex we turn off our brain and forget everyday troubles. Sex is the best way to get rid of stress and depressions. If your lady has a headache, sex will help. So ladies, no[…]

How to find a good salon in Prague

Not only in Prague there are plenty of salons proposing erotic massage. And not always it is easy to estimate in advance what salon shall suits you. Selection of masseuse/companion It is obvious that in[…]

Orgasmus retardatus

There are many people who has difficulties with premature ejaculation. But, believe or not, problems have also those who have opposite difficulty – not to reach orgasm even after never ending sex. And just long[…]

Erotic massage and sauna

Erotic massage stand for the cult of free body. Erotic massage visits are becoming more and more popular. Throughout the visit of erotic massage, visitors are naked; the enjoyment of the feeling of freedom belongs[…]

Czech Massages

Looking for a relaxing massage in the smooths hands of a beautiful sexy masseuse? Erotic massage is a new phenomenon of time. Combination of relaxing massage, erotic atmosphere and beautiful girls  ensure an unforgettable experience.[…]

Prague Adult

Prague Adult is portal about night life in Prague. You can find there places where you can have fun. Especially at night. From music and dancing clubs, escort services, privats to play poker in poker[…]

Big city life

Prague is a big place. A vast, sprawling city of hustle and bustle, nightlife and all manner of social activity. Like the other big city people living in Prague tend to have more hectic life[…]

Blondes or brunettes?

It’s known that brunettes are smarter than blondes or light haired girls. Where is the truths? Some research has shown that dark haired women are generally perceived to be more intelligent than blondes. The reasons[…]

Welcome to Escort Service Prague!

Escorts come in many shapes and sizes, but you can be sure that whether they’re tall, slim, curvaceous, petite or busty, escort girls in Prague always pay great attention to keeping their bodies looking as[…]